the instruments

Click here to hear or download  a recording of the Combo on Internet Archive

a turning piece of wood hits switches that turn
4 little radio's, tuned on different stations, on and off.

with dancing table-tennis-balls

 PAPERFEED MUSIC-BOX: with an endless "book"

PIN-BALL BOX: with shooted and falling balls

RATTLE-MACHINE: wooden sticks hit alluminium strips

GONG: a sawing-blade is hit by a turning spring


THE "BOOK": is playing a composition

CENTRIFUGE: With accelerating speed a board with a centrifuge on top is turning around, meanwhile hitting a bell.

STRING-BOARD: 3 pianostrings are hit by little hammers. STRING-BOW: the strings are bowed by an electro-motor.

The COMBO was performed only once.
From 19-26 of july there was a concert every day in the MOZES & AARONKERK in Amsterdam.
Besides a fragment on the local radio that was all. After a year or two it was destroyed because of lack of room.
There is made a CD with recordings of the music.